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Only take what you can carry

“Only take what you can carry”. I had seen a Magritte painting of a gigantic rose set in an interior at a show in San Francisco. The colors inspired this palette.

32″x40″ Pastel on paper

“How can I get you to remember me?” A play on illumination, and a lack thereof.

32″x 40″ Pastel on paper

How can I get you to remember me
Sun patch

“Sun patch”,  In Levittown, the floors were heated, and it was a thing to lay on the floor in a sun patch.

Pastel on paper 32″x 40″

Not enough hours in a day
Counting stars

“Not enough hours in a day”  My wife’s favorite phrase.

Pastel on paper 32″x 40″

“Counting stars”. The full moon in November is like day for night.

Pastel on paper 32″x 40″

a notch develops
daylight in my father's house

“A notch develops in the atmosphere”, a sky I observed while in San Antonio.

Pastel on paper  20″x 32″

“Daylight in my father’s house”, another summer day in Levittown.

Pastel on paper 20″x32″

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